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Sandals – Balenciaga
Price – $745.00


jennalouise14 asked: Ignore the hate, they're all on anon hiding behind their keyboards! Your blog is great!!

Thank you. Love you. :)

Anonymous asked: Is Sofia Facebook? If yes, you can put me the URL. Thank you :)

She doesn’t have Facebook. :)

lukagribnau asked: Do you know how tall Sofia is? I love your blog ! xoxo :)

No sorry.. :/
Thank youuuu. x

pinkd3stiny asked: T'es française ?

Oui. :)

classy-wonders asked: Lol don't listen to people your blog is amazing and i already told you that before xx

Thank you so much. xx

chanel-xy asked: gosh! you're awesome!!! haters gonna hate💁 ps. love your blog

Aw thank you!! Love. xo